1. hello Youngjoong Kwon,

    sorry to write directly something here. I am Artstudent in Hamburg and now doing a project with ue4 and opencv. your tutorial was very helpful how to integrate OpenCV Into Unreal Engine 4. I could follow everything because it was really easy to understand. thank you very much first.

    But now i have problem to put more function like face detection and for that i have found also another helpful info but to put together (yours and his) is difficult (https://github.com/rnixik/face-recognition-ue4)

    Maybe is it possible that you make other tutorial how to deal with other function of opencv in this case face detection. Or at least some hint how should i start?

    thank you very much and sorry again




    1. Thank you for your feedback :). I’m glad to know that my tutorial was helpful to you. Nowadays, I’m very busy with my research project, so I’m not sure when can I make a new tutorial about adding other functions. But I will try hard to make a tutorial about it as soon as possible. Can you leave me your email? I will inform you when I’m done with it.



      1. Thank you for your answer.

        here is my e-mail adress / corumlee1@gmail.com

        May i ask you also something if i have some question. Of cause i am gonna try to solve problem on my own. but you know as a normal person it is sometimes hard to figure out.

        thank you very much again and wait for your message.


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