Human Motion Video & Ground Truth Rendering Framework (Sep. 2017 – Jul. 2018)

Imaging Media research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Seoul, South Korea)

Main Developer

C++ and Unreal Engine4

Human Motion Video & Ground Truth Rendering Framework (2017-Present)

Recently, machine learning techniques have been leveraged to train various robotics systems. One of the primary challenges with these techniques is the amount of data needed to adequately train the systems is prohibitively high. To tackle this problem, I am creating a rendering framework that composes a virtual world and synthesizes RGB video and ground truth sets with Unreal Engine 4.

Project Description

Configurable rendering framework to synthesize training dataset for training silver-care robot’s human motion recognition systems


-Change camera viewpoint / light intensity

-Transition between day & night

-Show scene depth, joints position

-Output RGB & Ground Truth

-Dynamically loading FBX

-Change human appearance / motion


[ Demo Video ]

  • latest version ( with UI )
  • older version ( without UI )

Configurable Physically Based Water Shader (2016)

Team Leader, Main Developer

  • Devised and developed configurable water shader with Unreal Engine 4 to accurately express the physical properties of water; implemented real-time reflection, transparency, refraction, Snell’s law, waves, and foam formations
  • Earned Best Graduation Project and Graduation Project Popularity Awards
  • Demo video 1
  • Demo video 2